GSI Noiseless Generation, GSI 2015 innovation LWRT soundproof panels for automotive under 	body shields
ELISA - Extreme Light Insulator System Application - Method and setup for the moulding of automotive components


ELISA: Co-moulding system of soundproof and heat shield panels for components
made in LWRT (Light Weight Reinforced Thermoplastics).

The application is identified as “light” since it does not require a structural mould modification
(compared to a procedure without absorber), allowing the maximum flexibility
of project and realization.
In case of any modification of the absorber layout during the work in progress,
no big investment is necessary when adjusting the tooling.

Moreover, the item’s production and test phase is simplified: with the same mould,
different versions of a single component can be produced combining different sound
and heat absorbers, according to the end user specific needs.

LWRT panels - Co-moulded absorber


All manual operations following assembling are eliminated,
such as welding and gluing. Huge saving in labour.
The use of further components, such as glue and fixing inserts, is not necessary.
Saving in parts.
Dedicated tooling for gluing or welding is not necessary.
Reduction of investment.
Lean production cycle.
Cost reduction of WIP and stock.

With the same mould, different components can be produced positioning different kind
of absorbers or modifying their position. It is not necessary to change the mould,
but only its frames.
Investment reduction and production flexibility.
Different solutions can be tested in the product development phase.
Flexibility in the project and product development.
Serial tooling can be used in the prototype phase.
Investment reduction in prototypes.

Technical team

Marcello Agrati
Andrea Antonioli
Gianni Cioni
Gianpietro Gariboldi

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